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April 27, 2008


by Dr. Jim April 27, 2008

I've been on the road for over a week which helped soften the blow of the Pennsylvania morass. Once again the press showed that they are all slurping up their talking points from the same slop pot of leftover catch phrases. Although no surprise, one can always "hope" that the press can be better people, the readers better readers and the public more analytical in their thinking. One can hope, right? I heard sound bites claiming a  "strong" win by Clinton, an "impressive" win and so on. For what? Less than 10 delegates? Please...

So, like most Obama supporters I've had a few too many weeks of sulking and self-doubt. An edgy, creepy feeling that it is getting harder and harder to get back to the euphoria and optimism generated in the cold, gray days of this winter. When we felt that we could bring about a change of leadership in Washington, that we could generate excitement among young voters and disaffected voters, that we could bridge ancient racial gaps, unite the country at the grassroots level and help jump start the slightly delayed 21st century with positive, progressive change.

Did we lose this because it was all pie in the sky? Did we lose this because Hillary "threw the kitchen sink?" Did we lose this because Obama lost his footing? Or did we lose this because the sloppy media got bored with thoughtful debate and slipped back to pandering and "gotcha" reporting? We'll know in the fullness of time, but my view is a little kitchen sink and a little weakness on the part of the press.

But spring is in the air and with it a sense of renewal. Its time to stop sulking and buck up. How can we do this? If Clinton "takes" the nomination through a superdelegate fiasco there is going to be hell to pay. Even if Obama stumps tirelessly for Clinton, even if he plays his "race card" and TELLS the black community to vote for Cinton and tells his young supporters to vote for Clinton, he may not succeed in uniting the party. These supporters aren't stupid. And they are too "fired up" to be pandered to.

But if Obama is ahead in delegates (as he is now) after North Carolina and Indiana, the democrats have a trump card. If (and sadly this is a big if) Clinton bows out then, Bill Clinton along with Hillary can not only redeem their tarnished images (which is extremely important to Bill) but they can do a better job of mobilizing their base to support Obama than Obama can mobilize his base to support Hillary.

Why? The main reason is that Obama has run a much more decent campaign and Obama's supporters know it. To ask them to "forgive" won't be that easy. Hillary has run a much nastier and divisive campaign. And we all know that. Were she to announce it is "time to move on" that will be as close to an apology as she needs to make and her base can fall in line behind her. After all, a good part of her base are true, loyal lifelong democrats. Clinton democrats. With a wink, a nod and a nudge they will support Obama. Bill will reestablish his credibility in the Black community, which is currently in tatters and Hillary can redeem herself as a true Democrat and friend. This is our path to victory in November. It is our only path, but it is a powerful path and will bring victory not only to the White House but the House and Senate as well. Now all we have to do is get this message to the Clintons.

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